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Legal Services in Atlanta, GA

Professional Legal Services in Atlanta, GA

Legal Assistance with Transactional Law Matters

Call The Leftwich Law Firm for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your need for legal services in Atlanta, GA. I can represent you in many commercial business and entertainment transactions, provide financial escrow services with legal compliance and due diligence and assist with trademark and copyright registrations and licensing on a case-by-case basis. I can handle as little or as much as needed depending on your individual needs and the situation. Contact my office today for more information.

Law Firm in Atlanta, GA  Contract Law in Atlanta, GA

Client-Oriented Legal Representation

I have structured and brokered multi-million dollar commercial deals, both international and domestic, for my clients. 
My unique career has allowed me to develop extensive knowledge of commercial business and entertainment, including:

• Business Strategy & Decision Making
• High-level Legal Analysis & Recommendations
• Multi-million Dollar Contract Negotiations
• International & Domestic Stakeholder Relations
• Program Sales & Licensing Agreements
• Work-for-Hire, Co-Production, Licensing, Development &           Content Distribution Agreements
• Statements of Work & Software/Technology Agreements

• Third-Party & User-generated Content Use Deals
• Asses Other Revenue Generating Opportunities 
• Protecting Intellectual Property Rights & Assets
   (Trademark & Copyright)
• Trademark & Copyright Registration and Licensing
• Risk Assessment & Management
• Financial Escrow Services w/ Legal Compliance & Due                 Diligence